Let’s face it, it’s hard to be hopeful right now. The daily onslaught from news-feeds, Tweets, and social media updates seem to rush over us like a tsunami. A constant diet of terrorism, sex trafficking, racial tension, the opioid epidemic, and climate change  make it difficult to escape the moment…much less think about the future. And, despite the fact that experts assure us things aren’t any worse than they’ve been at other times in the past, we intuitively sense that that’s not the case.

To make matters worse, religious extremism has poisoned the well of spirituality. So for many, “God” is the last place to look for answers…or hope, for that matter. But, what if he really isn’t our problem? What if we’ve misrepresented him and his intentions for so long he no longer has a chair at the table of public discourse? What if there actually is an answer to the question loitering in the back of all our our minds…“What’s wrong with the world?” 

In an attempt to reintroduce this ultimate question back into the arena of faith and spirituality— particularly within the faith system of historic Christianity—Hands of Hur, a faith-based nonprofit has produced, "What’s Wrong With the World?”   This provocative, mixed media resource is comprised of an unfolding series of brief teaching videos used in concert with open-ended interpersonal discussion. It can be used in a diversity of settings, from two or three people in a coffee shop, to home groups, dorm rooms or even classrooms. It’s an excellent resource for individuals, churches, and parachurch ministries seeking to help others understand the gospel in all its fullness and it implications for the 21st century.

Whats Wrong With the World? has been crafted in such a way as to provide extensive guidance to leaders, yet create an atmosphere of openness and discovery for participants. Each of its two parts seeks to answer one vital question for our day. The teaching videos and discussion handouts for the eight episodes of Part I explore, “What is the gospel, and does it really matter?” The six sessions of Part II investigate, “What is a disciple, and what does one look like?” Together they comprise 14 weeks of curriculum, although Part I may be used as a stand-alone resource for evangelism or equipping purposes. Both Part I and Part II of “What’s Wrong With the World?” have extensive companion Leader’s Guides complete with session objectives, biblical commentary, meeting guidelines, and handouts for facilitating dialogue and discussion.

Accessing and using “What’s Wrong With the World?” is easy, affordable, and flexible. The videos for each session are rented and streamed separately and sequentially. Each may be viewed an unlimited number of times within a 21-day window from the time of purchase. The 55-page Leader’s Guide and discussion handouts  for Part I“What is the gospel, and does it really matter?” are included with Episode One. The 50-page Leaders Guide and discussion handouts for Part II“What is a disciple, and what does one look like?” are included with Episode Nine. Because you are not purchasing the entire series at once, you may pause after an episode, or discontinue completely at any time. The cost of the entire 14-part series is constant, and does not vary with the size of the audience using it. Costs have been kept well below market standards to make it affordable, accessible, and flexible to use. The only constraints for using “What’s Wrong With the World?” are the 21-day viewing window per episode, and not sharing access to anyone outside the renter's immediate ministry sphere. (E.g., a collegiate ministry could rent each episode and allow all their small group leaders access, but should not provide access to family members, or churches where they attend.) 

If you are intrigued… you can hear firsthand from those who are using “What’s Wrong With the World?”, check out episode contents, “test drive” Episode One, and begin using it yourself, using the links at the top of the page. You won’t be disappointed!